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One of the largest industrial vacuum cleaning company's in the state of Washington. Since 1969, VPC has offered a wide range of specialized services to meet our customers’ cleaning needs. When it comes to industrial cleaning and related services, choose the company with over 45 years experience in the industry, knowledgeable employees, and state-of-the-art equipment.



Vacuum Truck

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Ventilation Cleaning

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Video Inspection

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​On-Site Decant Station

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Ventilation Power Cleaning 
* Industrial Vacuuming
* Storm Drain Cleaning
* Hydro-excavating
* Pipe Jetting
* Root Cutting
* Storm Vault Cleaning
* Tunneling
* Storm Filter Vault &
  Cartridge Cleaning
* Tank Cleaning
* Hydro Blasting
* Below Slab Excavation/
* Underwater Excavation
* Commercial/Industrial 
  HVAC Cleaning
* HVAC Condition
* NADCA Certified
* Air Systems Cleaning 
  Specialist on Staff
* Truck Mounted 
   Vacuum Equipment
* HEPA Equipped


* CCTV Inspections
* GIS/GPS mapping
* Lateral Launcher
* NASSCO Certified


* Fully Certified Disposal
* Liquid Decant Facility
* Open 24/7 for
  Emergency Response
* Certified Scale
* METRO Discharge
* Ecologically Responsible
* Eliminate "Cradle to Grave" Liability
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