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On-Site Decant Station:

​                        is the cleaning company with it's own 

                        On-Site Decant Station.

Why is this so important?

It means you know where your waste is and how it is being disposed of.​  At VPC your materials are held and collected at our facility then disposed of at a state certified disposal site. By collecting your materials at our site we are able to dispose of your materials cost effectively, saving you money!

Did you know...

State and Federal regulations hold you liable for any material disposed from your property.

At VPC our fully permitted "decant" & solids handling facility was born out of necessity. The increasing number of government regulations related to dumping wet/slurry wastes prompted us to build a "de-watering" area for our vacuum trucks. Routine storm drain maintenance & line jetting creates a waste stream that is not legal to dump at state & county landfills unless it can pass the paint/filter test. Our site allows the trucks to drop their load of water or wet material (decant) & off load solids for further processing. Liquids are allowed to settle for ultimate discharge to a METRO sanitary line for treatment West Point Treatment facility. The solids are collected, sifted, and de-watered with a state-of-the-art "screw press". Material is then dried to a point for ultimate disposal at an approved and legal disposal facility.

Operation is available to us 24/7 to ensure the availability of a legal, cost-effective disposal solution for our customers.

We ensure your waste never becomes a liability by providing  "Cradle-to-Grave" security.


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