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​Vacuum Truck Services:

             has one of the largest fleets of industrial vacuum trucks in the state of Washington. Our trucks are perfect for a wide variety of industrial, environmental, and marine cleaning projects. Our Truck-mounted vacuum loaders offer high powered suction to pneumatically convey solids, liquids, sludges or slurries.​ 


​Our vacuum trucks are used in a variety of ways including: 


* Cleaning of catch basins & manholes.
* Jetting/Flushing underground storm & sewer pipe.
* Cleaning of underground vaults & Contech brand oil water separators.
* Hydro-Excavating (potholing) for utilities.
* Below Slab Excavation/Tunneling.
Whether you're an industrial plant or a shopping mall complex, VPC is your cleaning contractor! With
47 years of experience, industry certifications & accredidations, state of the art equipment, and knowledgable staff, VPC is the only choice for your job.


We use the industry leaders Supersucker & Vactor trucks.
For more information:

Call us at:

(206) 634-2750

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